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Abundant Health: The home of Cell-X

Abundant Health Cell-X is our top selling product. Why? Cell-X is three products in one. Cell-X is a broad spectrum multi-antioxidant, multi-mineral and multi-vitamin. Cell-X uses the finest ingredients to ensure that your cells are getting the micro-nutrients they need for optimum function.
Try Cell-X for 3 months and see what you hace been missing.

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Quantity: 120 capsules


Cell-X (3 pack)

Quantity: 360 capsules (120 per bottle) freight free



Quantity: 60 softgels


Sytrinol (3 Pack)

Quantity: 180 softgels (60 per bottle) $39.10 each freight free


CoQsol ® (CoQ10)

Quantity: 60 softgels


Acai Plus

Quantity: 60 capsules


OPC Plus

Quantity: 60 capsules



Quantity: 60 capsules



Quantity: 60 capsules


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